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christina, 22, ivy league, native, beyonce + jcole stan
pgp: she, her, hers







Sometimes she just wants to be held.

can i have this? 

Come thru lol

Need this rn

most of the time I want to be held honestly

you know what bothers me the most about dartmouth? when am I ever gonna need to explain to someone how the woodpecker niche in aye ayes evolved differently from actual woodpeckers? like i think it might be more important for me to be able to explain structural racism but whateva whateva i wanted to go to school here I GUESS

Anonymous asked
Do you mind explaining what happened between you and CJ?

i will when you come off anon, playa

is it possible to just block a twitter handle from appearing on your TL?

lol i just unfollowed a boy on twitter for glorifying my ex’s shitty sense of humor




So my senior friends wanted to do one thing before they graduated…


I have watched this 15 times and I need more